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Analytics Summit

The TRKKN-hosted Analytics Summit is the largest Google Analytics conference in Europe, designed to inspire & innovate, connect the community, and experience a unique day together with everyone passionate about data, analytics, and technology. Since day one, the Analytics Summit has consistently evolved. What once began as an event with a primary focus on Google Analytics-driven topics is now in the process of becoming an international conference covering a wide range of topics all around MarTech, Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Cloud, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

So no matter whether you want to dive into GA4 migration, privacy-centric marketing, 1st party data strategy & preparation for a cookieless future, or learn about GenAI—you'll get it all in one place! This transformation also opens the doors to a broader audience, reflecting the dynamic nature of the analytics landscape and beyond. A future business needs an end-to-end architecture that can handle data for activation. Our commitment to expansion and innovation remains unwavering, ensuring that the Analytics Summit is always in a state of growth and improvement.

At the heart of this evolution, we’re proud of the core essence that has always made and will always make the Analytics Summit truly exceptional:

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to another person instead of canceling. You can update the attendee’s information by selecting „View order details“ in your confirmation email.

Please note that cancellations free of charge are only possible in case of Covid regulations that are being imposed by the government of the City of Hamburg. For any other reasons, we do not allow refunds.

Unpaid orders can be canceled for free at any time (within the payment deadline).

If you need further information, please contact [email protected]

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